23 June 2010


If these guys don't make it big then nobody should.

14 June 2010

Carpe Blogum....nay, I say.

For those who have been wondering where Crotalus has been, I've got a newsflash.  Hey, I've got a life here people!  I mean c'mon, I can't be at the computer blogging for my legions of fans ALL the time.  I've got other responsibilities, fun to have, happiness to pursue, bills to pay, a job, a family, as I said before: A LIFE.  Geesh, some folks think all I have to do all day is sit around and blog for their enjoyment.  Now I know how William Shatner felt in that Saturday Night Live skit.  Get a life people!  Stop reading this blog right now and go out there and Carpe Dang Diem!