29 April 2010

Foo Fighters - The Pretender

What if I say this song doesn't make much sense...(but I like it anyway)?  Jackson Browne did it better, of course, but this version is good too.  Only one thing bothers me.  Where's the Kool-Aid guy at the end of this video?  Kept waiting for him to come out, but he never did.  Oh well.

22 April 2010

Disney Pics

This giant coke refreshes by opening and spraying a mist on whoever is standing nearby.

Don't know how I got this effect, but I call it green boys.  
You can see the giant magician's hat in the background.

This is my new favorite picture of the boys.  We were in the spinning tea cups.
  Mad Hatter something or other.

Staci, getting in touch with her Asian roots.  Domo!

This was technically Caleb's first roller coaster, though he quickly moved on to bigger and faster things.

Friends from Vidalia.

 Fireworks every night.  We took several of the castle, but this is my favorite because of the varied colors.  Some of my other pictures are more dramatic.  I may post some of those later.

Just love this!  Magical.

What a great trip.  Can't put up all the photos, but here are some of my favorites.  Caleb really surprised us.  He was a lot different this time around, as in -  not scared or overly cautious.  Got on his first roller coaster (the mine train, whatever it's called) and the fastest roller coaster I've ever been on.  Aerosmith's Rock and Roll Roller Coaster.   Above is a photo of it that I got from the internet.  It's of the entrance to the ride.  The rest of these photos, either I or my wife took.  I heard that it's zero to sixty in two seconds.  Don't know if that's true, but I'm inclined to believe it.

We happened to be there the same time as some of our friends from Vidalia, so the kids got to meet up with some of their friends.  That was cool.  We hit all four parks.  Did fireworks, parades, and various shows.  The Lights, Camera, Action stunt show was incredible. We saw celebrities (yes, that is the real Green Army Guy from Toy Story, even got his autograph to prove it).  And we rode too many rides to count.  

I can hardly wait till go again.

21 April 2010

All I want to know...

Is how in the world do you defeat Count Dooku on Lego Star Wars.  Dern!

17 April 2010

The Crossing -- Ecstasy

First snake of the season

We were on the way to the movies yesterday (boy's night out), when we saw the first snake of spring crossing the road.  Since this was close to the house and the snake was heading into a yard where I know kids often play, I had to do something I hate doing.  I ran over his head.  It was a rattlesnake, about two feet long probably.  You could hear the rattles after I ran over it's back.  It was buzzing like crazy, then I changed direction and ran over the head.  Sorry little Crotalus adamanteus.  You were just in the wrong place buddy.

Crotalus adamanteus
Latin for "Rattle" and "Diamondlike" respectively

Incidentally, the movie we were going to see was about people and reptiles at odds with each other.  "How to train your dragon".  It ended a lot better than our story did.

16 April 2010


Last weekend we were in Swainsboro for Cameron's eagle ceremony.  It was a real pleasure to be there and see him attain the highest rank of Scouting.  Cameron is my wife's first cousin, only seventeen, and we got to spend a little time with him before the ceremony.  He's doing the whole getting ready for college thing.  I think his High School Prom is this weekend.  Four young men became eagles that night and the ceremony started with a slideshow that showed their progression from Tiger Cubs all the way through Scouting.  It got me thinking about my boys and how quickly they'll grow up.  In ten short years Caleb will be the same age as Cameron is now.  Scares me a little, in that I don't want to mess this parenting thing up.  Anyway, Cameron's parents obviously did a whole lot of things right.  He's a fine young man, he's worked hard, and they should all be proud.  Here's a wonderful photo we were able to get at the reception:

Congratulations Cameron!

12 April 2010

After the loooong silence...

I feel you out there, my legions of readers, as you wonder; "What has become of Crotalus?"  "Why isn't he blogging more?"  "Oh when will this dearth of awe-inspiring prose ever end???"

Well, the answer to that last question is: Right now!

As I write this, the boys are in bed and the good wife is curled up with a book.  There are no immediate vacation plans or transitions to muddle through, so, even though we've been busy, I see a settling on the horizon. 

To update the goings on we've just got back from Disney World.  Oh yes, it was glorious!  And there will be a post forthcoming.  I have also been writing a little, though not here.  I've got a short story sitting in the slush pile over at Apex and Abyss (speculative fiction webzine), and an article sent to a local magazine editor.  (A first person plug for the local Scouting program.)  The first submission I'm not going to bet on, but I feel pretty good about the second. 

Some randomness to follow:

My four year old described God recently as being 'sneaky', since you can't see Him.  He also has been getting pretty deep with the theological questions:  "Why did God make mokitos?" (after one had bit him on the leg), and "Are there little dogs in heaven?"  (Yes, but no cats.)

Caleb has some more artwork in the upcoming Autism Art show at Elements Bistro.  By the way, if you are ever near Lyons, Georgia (right next door to Vidalia) and want some fine dining, then Elements will completely blow you away.  I can honestly say I have never eaten better food.  You will pay a little more than mid-scale restaurant (I'm talking Ruby Tuesday's or some such), but man is it worth it.  The seared Ahi Tuna is unbelievable, and the Cowboy cut ribeye is 16 ounces of perfection. 

You know, I think we are fated to see semi-celebrities every time we go to Disney.  The first time we went, I saw a dude that bore an uncanny resemblance to Shooter Jennings.  Then a few weeks later I look at his tour dates and yep, he was in Orlando the same time as us.  This time my wife saw Dog, the Bounty Hunter.  His son and entourage were with him, so there was no doubt on this one. 

Awright, I'm going to bed now.  Peace out.

02 April 2010

Autism Awareness Month

A post written by my wife:

My child was diagnosed with autism in August of 2007, but I knew before then that he had autism. I knew when he did not answer when I called his name. I knew when he couldn’t ask me for a cup of milk to drink. I knew when he had intense tantrums every day. I knew when he couldn’t understand what I was saying. I knew when he wouldn’t look at me.

I knew my child was going to be OK when he was receiving speech therapy and started talking in sentences. I knew he was going to be OK when he received early intervention and started pretending to be a superhero. I knew he was going to be OK when he went to school and was learning to read. I knew he was going to be OK when he made a friend.

I knew I was going to be OK when I accepted that he is different and that just because his brain works differently doesn’t mean he can’t live a full life.