29 November 2011

Raging Slab - Should'a Known

While I haven't blogged in going on forever, here's some Slab for ya!  Enjoy.

25 June 2011

Gene Colan

Another one of the masters has passed on.  Gene Colan was right up there with Buscema, Romita, and Frazetta.  Who else could make an idea like Howard the Duck not only work, but succeed brilliantly?

RIP Gene

27 April 2011


I am up and about.  It is early.  Too early for anything except us undead zombies.  I may move slow, my limbs may respond sluggishly, and my speech may be a bit slurred; but I am faster than you.  You who are asleep, still waiting for your alarm clocks to go off.  Yes, I am a zombie.  And I am awake...well not really.  But watch out anyway!