28 July 2010

We did it!

My wonderful wife and I got the monitor back up!  I wasn't so sure we could do it, but I used an online tutorial to diagnose and repair the problem.  Cost us about $10 total for capacitors, solder, and soldering iron.  Beats the heck out of a new monitor, let me tell you.  Also got the new wireless router going -- Yeah buddy, we are streaming Netflix movies through the Wii now.  I also picked up my new pair of glasses (lost the old ones in the Atlantic during the 4th weekend at St. Augustine).  Replaced the battery in my truck, since it decided to die Monday.  Good news on that is it chose to die in our driveway, so no getting stranded in inconvenient places, and there was still some pro-rated warranty on the battery, so it only cost me $35 instead of $77.  Got the grass cut AND weed-eated yesterday.  It has been a busy week!  Friday we are heading to Atlanta to celebrate my birthday.  42.  (The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, you know.)  Awright, my minions, I must go to work now.  Peace.

20 July 2010

Last Blog Standing

I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog to the above.  Since everyone in my blog roll is giving up the ghost.  No more Wunderkraut.  Will is MIA.  Madison has gone underground.  The only one left is Cullen.  And me.  There will always be me...

I will not go quietly into that good night!  RAGE RAGE AGAINST THE DYING OF THE LIGHT. 

Which is actually quite apt, since I still haven't fixed my monitor.  The contrast on this old thing is awful.

RAGE RAGE!!!!  I will not go quietly!  I will be the last blog standing!  And then some!  Awright, I gotta go to bed.  I'm getting sleepy.

15 July 2010

Monitor problems

The monitor on our computer failed today.  I'm able to post this because, being pack rats, we had an old one shoved away in the attic.  I'm missing that flat screen already, let me tell you.  But maybe I've found the problem.  I managed to get the monitor apart without cracking/breaking anything and found three blown capacitors.  Tomorrow I'm going to try my hand at soldering in some new ones.   Pray for divine favor.

14 July 2010

To the uttermost ends of the earth...

Me and the boys were taking off trash today, riding about two miles to the nearest dumpster in my pickup.  I was speaking encouraging words over them, telling them that God has a plan for them and that they are going to do wonderful things with their lives.  I didn't get too specific, just speaking general good words, but once I finished Caleb said, "We're going to be prophets.  We're going to tell people about Jesus.  Even in other countries."  Which thrilled me of course, since I hadn't said a thing about prophets, but I had to laugh as he said, "Even Alabama."

All I can say is watch out world, here they come.  (Especially you folks in Alabama.)


06 July 2010

Photoshopped Jedi

Found a picture of Levi wielding a light saber and photo-shopped it up.  Tomorrow is a night off from church, so we are watching 'Return of the Jedi'.  Rockin'.