31 December 2010

RIP Wunderkraut

(UPDATE)  So it finally happened.  As of now, Jan 17, 2011, Wunderkraut is no more.  (wipes tears from eyes)  Wunderkraut you will be missed.  A moment of silence please. 


Mike announced via facebook that he is pulling the plug on Wunderkraut and removing it from the internet.  I posted this comment under his announcement:

Wunderkraut, thanks for the memories.  You were the blog all other blogs looked up to.  There will never be another blog quite like you.  You were everything a blog should and shouldn't be all rolled into one.  If there is a heaven for blogs I know there will be many computer screens there for you to frolic upon.  Now excuse me, while I go post this news on my blog.  As there are millions of readers who will stop by there in the next few hours and will want to hear the news and hold a moment of silence for the late great Wunderkraut: the greatest blog of all. 

Good bye Wunderkraut.  You were the blog that inspired me to blog.

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